The Transfer Process

Transfer Attorney - Appointed by Seller, but can be appointed by the Purchaser with the Sellers consent Bond Cancellation Attorney - Appointed by bank Bond Registration Attorney - Appointed by Purchaser
1. Receive Contract. Apply for bond cancellation and clearance figures from the City council.    
2. Follow up with purchaser and bond originator regarding the bond approval. 3. The bond instruction is send to the Attorneys. 4. They receive their instruction from the the Sellers bank. They request the original guarantee from security.
5. Receive title deed and cancellation figures.Draw draft deed and guarantee requirements. 6. Receive draft deed and guarantee requirements - Draw documents.  
7. Signature by Seller and Purchaser.Purchaser pay the fees. Documents are send to SARS for payment of transfer duty. 8. Purchaser sign the bond documents and issue guarantees to transfer attorney.  
9. Send original guarantees to cancellation attorney.   10. Check guarantees.
11. Receive transfer duty receipt.Receive clearance figures- request seller to pay the figure in trust account. Pay clearance figures - obtain clearance certificate.    
12. Lodgement 13. Lodgement 14. Lodgement
Registration Registration Registration


Services Overview

All aspects of conveyancing, including, Drawing up of contracts transfer of properties, opening and registration of sectional title schemes and transfer of late estate transfers.

  • Anti-Nuptial Contracts.
  • Drafting of Will and Registration of Trust.
  • Winding Down of Estate.

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