After Registration

The Seller

Rates and taxes
We will immediately notify the City council of the registration and the fact that they must pay a refund to the you as the Seller. The city council will now proceed with the administrative process to change the records on their system. Despite the fact that you are not liable for any rates and taxes after registration you will still receive a account and in some instances even a letter of demand untill the name change have been done.

Levies to the Body corporate
We obtain final figures from the Body corporate before registration and make all neccessary payments out of the balance purchase price to settle any outstanding account on your behalf. We inform them of registration.

The Purchaser

Rates and taxes account
We inform the City council of the registration. The city council will now proceed with the administrative process to change the records on their system. Please note this can take a while. Please keep money on the side in lieu of the arrival of the account.

Body Corporate
We have informed the Body corporate of registration and furnished them with your details to arrange for the payment of levies. Provision have been made in your statement of account in the amount of R 2000.00 for payment of the rates clearance certificate and pro rata levies in the month in which the property is registered. Any balances will be paid back to you.

Title Deed
After registration the Deeds office go through a process to put the documents om microfilm- this can take 4- 6 months where after we will receive delivery of the Title deed. If a bond were registered over the property- we make a copy thereof for our file and send the original to your bank for their safe keeping. If this was a cash transaction we will furnish you with the original title deed.


Services Overview

All aspects of conveyancing, including, Drawing up of contracts transfer of properties, opening and registration of sectional title schemes and transfer of late estate transfers.

  • Anti-Nuptial Contracts.
  • Drafting of Will and Registration of Trust.
  • Winding Down of Estate.

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